20 sensual reasons to visit the Galápagos Islands

Galapagos Kicker Rock

Across these unique lands which are completely free of predators…

vulnerability is never taken advantage of


friendship is more than human


you want to be a newborn baby


sand is the colour of love


you’re being observed with curiosity, not suspicion


it’s humans to step away with respect


or to step away with a smile


death comes naturally


everyone  is equal, and no one more than the other


locals act as if you weren’t there


you don’t have a favourite colour anymore

islas plazas

birds don’t fly away


innocence is never disillusioned


shades of grey have never been so bright


you see things you’d rather not


you hang out with the rarest penguin species


Michelle Obama seems to know nothing about elegance


you know there must be someone out there for you too, because it’s in the air


there’s still hope we can save the world


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21 Responses

  1. Sonnie says:

    Your photos makes me fall in love w/ these lovable species. I hope there are places like this are common anywhere.

  2. Awww the sea lions are soooo cute. Lovely photos.

  3. Fatima says:

    The photos you have posted here are really amazing! I think I should go there myself now, although going through your post was like a virtual trip by itself.

  4. Kari says:

    AWW! These animals all look so cute and the photographs are fantastic!

  5. Aw its true, everyone has a place in the animal kingdom and its nice that the galapagos islands have given you such a great snapshot of animal life.

    • The Galapagos are unique when it comes to the animal kingdom – there are no predators, they all live n perfect harmony, and when they die, it’s because they’re old, or the ecosystem was disturbed.

  6. Dreammerin says:

    How wonderful these pictures really are! It is so beautiful and very inspiring! I love this one: “friendship is more than human” <3 Incredible!

  7. Tiina A says:

    Fabulous images! I had a picture in my mind how it would look in Galapagos but it’s so much more than I could even think of. Fantastic and so much unique life there. Hope I’ll have a chance to visit there one day and take some pics without disturbng the nature.

    • Tiina, I also wrote about going about Galapagos on-budget. It still cost something, but affordable. And if you need to tighten your belt for a year to go there, it’s worth it. This places changes everyone.

  8. Kerry says:

    Beautiful pictures, I love seeing animals sleeping and being at peace with life instead of on edge. Beautiful colours under water also! Thanks for sharing your images with us.

  9. Louisa says:

    These are stunning images of marine life. I especially like the flamingo and cactus shots.

  10. Clair Kelly says:

    That is incredible. I need to go there now!

  11. Dunja says:

    Amazing photography!

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