Country in Israel: What happened with Akhzivland? (Tribute to Rina)


The full article was published in AllWays Traveller Magazine and you can read it here. Enjoy!

Akhzivland was too off-the-route and too unpromising to consider any second thoughts — we had to check it out for ourselves. The scanty entries googled over a cup of cardamom coffee in Jerusalem repeatedly claimed that the settlement is “the most peaceful nation in the Middle East” and “an anarchic-hippy retreat set up as a unique micro-nation within Israel” — travel-talked claims you tend to dismiss by default after four years on the road. Especially the “unique” does the job. Nevertheless, the place sounded intriguing enough, whether we were going to become another George and Linda Gergenblatt from “Wanderlust” or jump over a tilted fence and scavenge about ten-year-old ruins. The only thing I was secretly counting on was meeting the President himself — after all, I couldn’t find any reliable source confirming that Eli Avivi was still alive. What’s more, arriving at the very spot didn’t resolve our doubts either. At least not right away…



Eli Avivi's museum










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35 Responses

  1. Heidi Ort says:

    Do you know how to get in touch with Rina or any staff to make reservations?

    • Hi, Heidi! I know only the postal address and the phone number: President Eli Avivi, Akhzivland; PO Box 151, Nahariya, Israel, Phone:972 4982 3250, unfortunately don’t know the email. When are you planning to go?

  2. Joanna says:

    What an incredible adventure you’ve had and how well you wrote this article… i imagined every wall, every grotesque harlequins, Rina’s bipolar personality… and I’m intrigued… was Eli alive or not?

  3. Amanda Love says:

    What an experience this was! I loved seeing the pictures along with the story it gives me an idea of what her museum is like. I find the items interesting and it would awesome to experience this myself.

  4. suchi says:

    Rina sounds like an interesting person….loved the way you have narrated the story!

  5. You are an amazing writer. I can almost picture myself in what you said.

  6. Jennifer L says:

    Wow really interesting story, I love the perspectives and the pace of the story. Had me to the last word.

  7. This is a great story and I’m also a big believer of not being a tourist, but instead embrace being the explorer! Each individual should make a trip/journey their own experience and I love going off the radar, trying the local secret hidden gems and not going where non-native have recommended all the time, exploring is the best adventure!

  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love going to places that are not very much known by others. It makes you appreciate the place more. This is such an awesome experience!

  9. Carrie says:

    What an adventure you had! I have never heard of this place before. It sounds so interesting. You do have a way with words and I really enjoyed hearing about your experiences.

  10. Yes…the greatest problem begins when your utopia meets reality..then all those ideals go out of the window and nothing is perfect..unfortunately

  11. Bella says:

    I was getting lost in your words- the was very well written. This is such an amazing experience that you will never forget.

  12. Liz Mays says:

    Rina sounds like such an interesting person and your experience at the museum definitely sounded special. I didn’t know anything about Akzhivland!

  13. Megan Ogden says:

    You’re so blessed to have been given the chance to travel and see a different side of the world!

  14. Jolina says:

    That was quite an adventure. I could never have done it myself TBH but looks like it was worth all that. Well done you!

  15. Ana says:

    Wow what an incredible if bizarre journey you shared with Rita. The exhibits are fascinating and it is great she opened up a little bit to you.

  16. Tiina A says:

    First of all I love those photos! They are very unique and so is the text as well. Super interesting and so adventurous!

  17. Renate says:

    Beautifully written… It really makes you think about things in life. Thank you for sharing. Btw, your photos are stunning

  18. What an extraordinary adventure you had. I am not sure I would have been as accommodating of the idiosyncrasies as you guys were. Very interesting to read about!

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